New Wedding Packages are Here!

Our 2022 wedding season is over! We’re continually looking for ways to improve our wedding videography and photography. Our new base package will ensure your wedding is captured beautifully and in every detail. And we have a couple addons that might be difficult to pass up! 

In 2022 we offered wedding video with one videographer: me. I absolutely love filming weddings. I enjoy the high-pressure environment too. I continually strive for a stress-free experience for our brides and myself. Planning, procedures and the right equipment goes a long way. But ultimately, one videographer is going to miss candid moments while setting up for specific moments.

Moving forward we are offering a three videographer package. Imagine the possibilities:

  • A videographer filming the groom, one talking to the wedding planner, and one setting up tripods before the ceremony
  • Two videographers filming the first look while another operates the drone
  • One is on the party bus, one captures the cocktail hour, one prepares to film the speeches

Nothing gets missed.

And since we're already planning to have three people on-site, we can easily offer these add-ons:

  • Wedding photography
  • Photo booth
  • Ceremony livestreaming

Wow. I'm excited for 2023. We'd love to help capture your wedding day.